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Sozni embroidered shawl done by our girl sozni artisan, one of a kind shawl, kashmir pashmina Shawl, meditation shawl, Big size 205 x 105 cm

Sozni embroidered shawl done by our girl sozni artisan, one of a kind shawl, kashmir pashmina Shawl, meditation shawl, Big size 205 x 105 cm

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Note: This shawl is embroidered by our girl artisan and is an amazing 100% Cashmere handcrafted shawl.
Your every purchase helps us to empower more girls/women artisans to be self reliant and indepenpendent. Thanks for your support!!!!


Qualities of 100% Pure Pashmina:
• 100% Pure and Authentic Kashmir Pashmina Shawl.
• Cashmere is known for its extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality, a result of its extremely fine fibres. The fineness of the fibre is typically between 7 and 14 microns. In comparison, ordinary sheep's wool has a diameter of 36 microns.
• Natural, Organic and Sustainable fashion.
• Incredibly soft and luxuriously comfortable.
• Thermo-control- Adjusts itself to weather conditions.(Highly breathable when warm and keeps you significantly warmer in the cold).
• 100% natural product– (very good for sensitive or allergy prone skin) Cashmere is one of the most sought-after fibers in the world. It's fine hairs are softer, lighter, and can be up to three times more insulating than sheep wool. It has been a prized material for centuries.
• It's adaptability to temperature, due to the high moisture content of the wool. In the winter it will keep you warm and insulated, yet it will ensure you stay cool in the summer. Cashmere is also extremely long lasting.

-- 100% finest Ladakh Himalayan Pashmina Yarn.
-- Fibre diameter: Less than 14 microns.
-- Hand loomed by Master Weaver
-- High Quality Yarn A++ Grade
-- High Yarn count of 3000 threads of warp and 5000 weft threads.
-- Dimension: 100 X 200 cm
-- Weight: 7 Ounces
-- Care: Dry Clean Only
-- Designer Diamond Weave
-- Finished Edges
-- Certified Handmade Kashmir Pashmina Product By Govt of India
-- Made in Kashmir

Perfect for every Occasion. Pashmina is a royalty in itself and wrapping it around, only lends a royal touch to the grandeur in you. The warmth of Pashmina is matchless and you get addicted to the velvety softness that it cuddles you in. This Product is made from ultra luxurious yarn known as King of Yarn.
!!!...Excellent Luxurious Gift for You, your Friends, your Family or Special Co-worker…!!!!


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Care Instructions

• Dry Clean only or just Handwash with luke warm water.
• Regular steam ironing recommended to avoid piling.
• Store in a moisture free environment.

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